Firefox Extension: Update Bookmark
Update Bookmark
Released on 2007.04.11 for Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.* on all operating systems
This extension adds menuitems to the context menu of a bookmark which allow you to set the bookmark's URL and/or title to the current page's URL and/or title. Bookmarks which can be updated include those in the Bookmarks menu, the Bookmarks toolbar, and the Bookmarks sidebar.
Updating the URL of a bookmark in the Bookmarks menu
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Translations available: en-US, fr-FR, it-IT, nl-NL, pt-BR, sk-SK, zh-CN
To install this extension, just click on the Install button above. You can also save the extension file by right-clicking on the Install button and selecting Save Link As.
Update Bookmark options window
To configure the options for this extension, open the Tools menu, select Extensions, then double-click on the extension entry. Check the boxes for the menuitems that you would like to have displayed in the context menu of bookmarks.
  • Current > ___: These menuitems will set the selected property of the bookmark to the current page's corresponding property.
  • Separator: An optional separator for dividing the menuitems.
  • Clipboard > ___: These menuitems will set the selected property of the bookmark to the text that is contained in the clipboard. If the clipboard does not contain any text, the menuitems will be disabled.
Version History
2007. translations into XPI. Thanks BabelZilla!
2005. problems caused by bug 174320.
2005. menuitem labels. Added clipboard functions. Fixed uncaught exception when right-clicking on search results in bookmarks sidebar.
2005. public release. Added ability to update bookmarks in bookmark sidebar. Added extension icon.
2005. release. | makeup reviews, beauty tips, and tutorials