Thunderbird Extension: Show SMTP Username
Show SMTP Username 0.2.1
Released on 2004.06.14 for Thunderbird 0.5 - 1.0+ on all operating systems
This extension changes how SMTP servers are displayed by adding SMTP nickname support and the option to display the username associated with an SMTP server.
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To install this extension, click on the Download button above and save the file in a convenient location. In Thunderbird, open the Tools menu and select Extensions. Click on the Install button and open the saved extension file.
This extension changes the way SMTP servers are listed in three locations (screenshots coming soon):
  • Window 1: Tools > Account Settings > (account) > Server Settings > Advanced: The dropdown menu's labels are changed and the window is resized to accommodate the text.
  • Window 2: Tools > Account Settings > Outgoing Server > Advanced (or Select SMTP! button): The listbox's labels are changed and the default SMTP server is indicated with a leading asterisk to conserve space.
  • Window 3: Select SMTP! dropdown menu: If this extension and Buttons! are both installed, the Select SMTP! dropdown menu will be affected by the options chosen for this extension.
For help setting up your SMTP settings, please read my guide to SMTP configuration.
Descriptions for the extension's options will be posted soon.
Bugs and Troubleshooting
  • If you see the message "Finishing Extension Installation..." after installing the extension, please read the instructions on how to fix it.
  • For help setting up your SMTP settings, please read my guide to SMTP configuration.
  • In Window 1, the dropdown menu's initially selected label is not updated. It does not present a big usability problem so it will be dealt with in the future.
  • An option may be added to enable/disable each of the window changes.
  • The extension may be enhanced in the future to resize Window 2 to fit the server names.
Version History
2004. for new Extension Manager. New version numbering scheme. Changed label from Server alias to SMTP server nickname to alleviate confusion. Removed Uninstall button from Options.
2004.03.080.2Added SMTP aliases, options, and support for Buttons! If upgrading from 0.1, please upgrade to 0.1a, go to the options window and uninstall the extension, then install 0.2.
2004.03.080.1aAdds options window with uninstall button. If you're using 0.1, please upgrade to this first, uninstall the extension, then install 0.2.
2004.02.280.1Initial release | makeup reviews, beauty tips, and tutorials