Thunderbird Extension: No New Window on Double Click
No New Window on Double Click 0.2.3
Released on 2005.05.26 for Thunderbird 0.7 - 1.0+ on all operating systems
This extension prevents Thunderbird from opening a new main window. When you double click on a folder in the folder pane, the folder will expand or collapse if it has subfolders. Also, when a program tries to run Thunderbird while it is already running, the new window is closed and the first main window will be brought to focus. New mail windows can still be opened when right-clicking on a folder and selecting Open in New Mail Window.
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To install this extension, click on the Download button above and save the file in a convenient location. In Thunderbird, open the Tools menu and select Extensions. Click on the Install button and open the saved extension file.
Bugs and Troubleshooting
  • If you see the message "Finishing Extension Installation..." after installing the extension, please read the instructions on how to fix it.
  • When preventing a window from opening, the new window will appear for a brief moment.
Version History
2005. opened by right-clicking on a folder and selecting Open in New Mail Window are now allowed.
2005. incompatibility with Enigmail (and possibly other extensions) by removing window.removeEventListener() because of bug 174320.
2005. a bug that prevented message windows from being opened.
2005. now close windows opened when Thunderbird is run while it is already running. Increased minVersion to 0.7. Added extension icon.
2004. for new Extension Manager. New version numbering scheme. No changes to functionality.
2004.02.260.1Initial release | makeup reviews, beauty tips, and tutorials