Thunderbird Extension: Buttons!
Released on 2007.04.11 for Thunderbird 2.0b1 - 3.0 on all operating systems
This extension adds buttons to Thunderbird which can be added to the toolbars. Read the features to see what buttons are added to which toolbars.
A message window with Buttons!
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Translations available: en-US, es-ES, fr-FR, it-IT, nb-NO, nl-NL, pl-PL, pt-BR, sk-SK
To install this extension, click on the Download button above and save the file in a convenient location. In Thunderbird, open the Tools menu and select Extensions. Click on the Install button and open the saved extension file.
To use the following buttons, you must add them to the appropriate toolbar. They do not automatically replace the default buttons. To add a button to a toolbar, select the window you want to add the buttons to, open the View menu and select Toolbars > Customize (you can also right-click on the toolbar and select Customize), then drag the desired buttons from the dropdown box to a location on the toolbar. See this screenshot for a view of the Customize toolbar dropdown box. If the icons show up as a big bunch of icons, see this note.
To remove a button from the toolbar, follow the steps above to open the Customize toolbar dropdown box and drag the button from the toolbar into the middle of the dropdown box.
You can also assign shortcut keys to each of the buttons. Install the keyconfig extension and look for the keys that begin with buttons_, assign a shortcut key, and restart Thunderbird.
The following buttons are available to be added to the Thunderbird toolbars:
Main window

Previous! Next! Delete! Delete Junk! Select SMTP! HTML! Images! Label! Archive! Delete Thread!

  • Previous! and Next! buttons for navigating through all messages instead of just unread ones.
    • The buttons do exactly what the B and F shortcut keys do.
    • If you are in a threaded view, the buttons will not navigate into collapsed threads.
  • Delete! button that marks the selected message as read and then deletes the message.
  • Delete Junk! button that deletes messages marked as junk in the currently loaded folder.
    • Look in the options screen for an option to bypass the Trash folder when deleting junk mails through the extension.
  • Select SMTP! button that opens the Advanced SMTP Settings window so that you can configure SMTP server settings.
    • There is a dropdown arrow on the side of the button that opens a menu where you can select the default SMTP server. Displayed information can be customized if Show SMTP Username is also installed. (see SMTP dropdown note below)
    • If you have multiple windows open and you have opened the Advanced SMTP Settings window from one window (in any way), then click on the Select SMTP! button from another window, the first window is brought to focus. (see Select SMTP! bug below)
    • For help setting up your SMTP settings, please read my guide to SMTP configuration.
  • HTML! button that turns on and off the display of HTML in messages.
    • The button's icon indicates what action will be taken when clicking on it.
  • Images! button that turns on and off the loading of remote images in messages.
    • The button's icon indicates what action will be taken when clicking on it.
  • Search! button that opens the Search Messages window.
  • Archive! button that moves the selected message to your configured folder.
    • There is a dropdown arrow on the side of the button that opens a menu where you can select another folder to move the selected message to. Go to the options window to configure which folders are displayed.
  • Delete Thread! button that deletes the selected message as well as all other messages in its associated thread.

Message window

Reply! Reply All! Forward! Previous! Next! Delete! HTML! Images! Label! Search! Archive!

  • Reply!, Reply All!, and Forward! buttons that do the appropriate action but also closes the currently open message window.
    • The message window may close before the reply/forward window opens.
  • Previous! and Next! buttons (see description above)
  • Delete! button that deletes the current message and closes the message window.
    • Clicking this button on a newsgroup message just closes the message window without deleting the message.
  • HTML! button (see description above)
  • Images! button (see description above)
  • Search! button (see description above)
  • Archive! button (see description above)

Compose window

Select SMTP! Spell Check!

  • Select SMTP! button (see description above)
  • Spell Check! button that initiates the spell checker.
    • There is a dropdown arrow on the side of the button that opens a menu where you can choose which language to use for the spell checker. You can learn more about installing international dictionaries at this knowledge base article.
General options
  • Delete Junk! Options
    • Mark as read before deleting messages marked as junk:
      Causes messages which will be deleted by the button to be marked as read first.
    • Delete junk without sending to Trash:
      By default, deleting junk mails with the Delete Junk! button will send the mails to the Trash folder. You can optionally bypass the Trash folder and permanently delete the junk mails when using the button for just the Junk folders, or for all mail folders.
      • Be careful with this option! Junk mails will be permanently deleted!
  • HTML! Options
    • Switch between:
      By default, clicking the HTML! button will switch between viewing messages as Original HTML and Plain text. You can also set the button to switch between Simple HTML and Plaintext, or between Original HTML and Simple HTML.
  • Previous! and Next! Options
    • Reverse direction:
      By default, the Previous! button goes up the list of messages and Next! goes down. Enable this option so that Previous! goes down and Next! goes up instead.
    • Close message window if navigating past last message:
      By default, nothing happens in a message window when you click on Previous! for the first message or Next! for the last. Enable this option to close the message window instead.
      • Focus on main window after closing message window:
        If the above option is enabled, you can enable this option to have the main window brought into focus after the message window is closed.
    • Move selection in main window while navigating in a message window:
      Causes the selection in the main window to match the message being viewed when navigating with the Previous! and Next! buttons.
  • Other Options
    • Focus on main window after Delete! from message window:
      Enable this option to have the main window brought into focus after the message window is closed by the Delete! button.
    • Close message window immediately after Delete!:
      Enable this option only if you are using IMAP and have set Thunderbird to mark a message as deleted instead of moving the message to the Trash folder.
    • Skip confirmation dialog for Delete Thread!:
      Enable this option to bypass the confirmation dialog when using the Delete Thread! button.
Archive! options
  • Archive! Options
    • Use the dropdown box to select a folder to add to the list of folders displayed on the Archive! button's dropdown menu. Then click on the Add button to add the mail folder to the list.
    • Use the buttons below the listbox to move a mail folder up or down the list, delete a mail folder from the list, set a mail folder as the default, or clear the default folder.
    • The default mail folder is indicated by a bolder font. When clicking on the main portion of the Archive! button, the selected message will be moved to this mail folder.
    • If no default mail folder is selected, clicking on the main portion of the Archive! button will open the dropdown menu.
    • Mark message as read when archived:
      Causes messages to be marked as read before they are moved by the Archive! button.
Need more buttons?
Here are some other extensions to satisfy your Thunderbird button needs. Some of them are no longer being updated so please read through the comments on each page and use at your own risk (sorry if that sounds bad). As of the last update to this page, these extensions fully support Thunderbird 1.0:

These extensions do not seem to be supported anymore:

Bugs and Troubleshooting
  • If the Customize toolbars dropdown box displays the Buttons! icons as a whole bunch of icons, navigate to your Thunderbird profile folder and delete the file XUL.mfl.
  • If you see the message "Finishing Extension Installation..." after installing the extension, please read the instructions on how to fix it.
  • If you have the Advanced SMTP Settings window open in one window and use the Select SMTP! dropdown menu to change the default server in another window, several possibilities may occur. Normally, the last server you selected to be default will end up being the default. However, if you click cancel in the Advanced SMTP Settings window, the default server will be set to the default server before you opened the SMTP Settings window.
  • If you have multiple windows open and have opened the Advanced SMTP Settings window using the Select SMTP! button, then in another window you open the Advanced SMTP Settings window by going to Tools > Account Settings > Outgoing Server > Advanced, then the first window with the Advanced SMTP Settings window (and only this window) will become stuck and the program will have to be killed (you can save work from other windows before doing this).
Version History
From version 0.5.0 onwards, this extension is offered in an English-only download and a multi-lingual download. Please download the multi-lingual version of the extension only if you are using a localized version of Thunderbird with one of the following languages. Otherwise, please download the English-only version. As of the latest version, the included languages are English, Italian, Dutch, German, French, and Russian.
2007. translations into XPI. Thanks BabelZilla!
2006. conflict with ProfilePassword extension on Thunderbird 3.0 nightly builds.
2006. for Thunderbird 2.0b1 and later builds. Removed Label! button since Tag button is now standard. Added option to mark message as read when using Archive! button. Added option to mark message as read when using Delete Junk! button. Added option to match the selection in the main window to the message in the message window when using the Previous! and Next! buttons. Updated icons to use new graphics from new Thunderbird theme (thanks Arvid!).
2006. release for compatibility with Thunderbird 1.5+. Fixed Select SMTP! button opening a small blank window. Fixed Delete! button not working in a message window. Fixed listbox with Archive! folders deleting entries when moving the last item up. Updated maxVersion to 3.0.
2005. icon problem in nightly trunk builds. Now includes Qute icons in the extension! (Thanks Arvid!) No new buttons.
2004.! and Images! reflect their current states. Added Archive! to main and message windows. Added Delete Thread! to main window. Completed custom icons for buttons. Resized buttons to match Thunderbird 1.0's default theme. Added some options. Updated for Thunderbird 1.0.
2004. Qute icons instead of custom ones wherever possible
2004. Delete! to main window. Added Label! and Search! to main and message windows. Added Spell Check! to compose window. Added ability to shift+click on Previous! and Next! buttons to go to unread messages. Added custom icons for all buttons except Reply!, Reply All!, and Forward! buttons. Hopefully fixed problem with Delete Junk! button and the preview pane. Extension now contains locale files for English, French, Italian, and Russian. Updated for Thunderbird 0.8.
2004. Delete! button not working on IMAP accounts. Select SMTP! dropdown list is now refreshed each time it is opened.
2004. for new Extension Manager. New version numbering scheme. Removed Uninstall button from Options. No changes to buttons.
2004.04.220.4gFixed disappearing icons?
2004.03.180.4fFixed a bug with the Select SMTP! dropdown in the main window.
2004.03.140.4eAdded options for HTML! button to switch between different modes of viewing.
2004.03.100.4dAdded Images! and HTML! buttons. Added support for locales?
2004.03.080.4cAdded uninstall button to options dialog. Select SMTP! dropdown menu display can be customized with Show SMTP Username extension.
2004.03.030.4bAdded options dialog. Can toggle display of port number and username in Select SMTP! dropdown menu. Added Delete Junk! button. Options for bypassing Trash.
2004.03.010.4aFixed bug in Select SMTP! button where choosing a server from the dropdown menu would bring up the Advanced SMTP Settings window.
2004.03.010.4Added dropdown to Select SMTP! button that allows user to easily view/change default SMTP server.
2004.02.270.3aFixed button graphics problems? Select SMTP! button no longer blank in compose window. Buttons no longer blank when using theme other than Qute.
2004.02.250.3Added Select SMTP! button. Minor bug fixes?
2004.02.220.2bFixed display of buttons in customize toolbar?
2004.02.200.2aAdded Reply!, Reply All!, and Forward! buttons.
2004.02.200.2Formerly released as Delete and Close 0.1, I've added more buttons!
2004.02.150.1Initial release
  • Option to have Next! and Previous! navigate into collapsed threads?
  • Option to have Next! and Previous! in the message window select the matching message in the main window when navigating? | makeup reviews, beauty tips, and tutorials